Steps to Accreditation

Accreditation is a three-step process. Listed below is a general overview of the procedure.

Initial Application:

  1. The fee for the Initial Application is $100.00 and should be sent to the TAAPS office.
  2. The Initial Application will be forwarded to the school from the TAAPS office.  Complete the Initial Application and return to the TAAPS office.
  3. The  Initial Application will be reviewed by the Standards Committee.
  4. The Initial Application will be approved, denied, or suggestions to meet standards will be communicated.


Initial Visit:

  1. If the Initial Application is accepted, a visiting team is assigned. The following fees are due when a visit is confirmed: $400.00 visit fee and $1000.00 deposit toward visiting team expenses.
  2. The school will receive a checklist to be used by the team to guide the visit along with a confirmation of the visit.
  3. The school will be provided with a report after the visit.

Accreditation Self-Study:

  1. After a successful Initial Visit, the school will receive an accreditation self study.  When submitting the self study, remit the following fees to the TAAPS office:  $700 nonrefundable self study fee and $1000 deposit toward visiting team expenses.
  2. A confirmation letter will be sent to the school with the dates and names of team members to receive copies of the self study a minimum of 30 days prior to the visit.
  3. The visiting team submits a report to the Executive Director.  The report is then submitted to the Standards Committee with a recommendation to the board.
  4. The school is notified of the results.
  5. Approved schools will receive a certificate of accreditation.